2014 Mental Health Champions

Raising and advocating for a child/youth with both mental illness and a developmental disability, while also living as an adult consumer of mental health services, is challenging.  LuAnn Reese has met these challenges head on!   In her mid 30s, LuAnn Reese was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, but this has not slowed her.  She has used her experience to reach out and impact hundreds of other families through numerous national and statewide programs she has been involved in.  LuAnn is passionate about making sure families are heard, and is known for her ability to listen to others and “pull out” the strengths of individuals she meets!

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Quentin Miller has truly blossomed and become an inspiration to others!  He began his journey with Self-Directed Supports in 2011.  Through this program, and gaining independence over his living situation, he serves as a role model for what others can do.  Quentin is currently doing some work with Project STIR, an organization focused on independence and has been a guest speaker at their conference.  He is a member of the safety committee at Pike County Agency for Developmental Disabilities and also active in the People’s First organization in Hannibal.  He does a great deal of volunteer work with the local YMCA, Sheriff’s Office and Camp Wonderland.  Quentin is always willing to motivate others and to share his story!

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Robert Harrison is known for his compassion, positive outlook, and his ability to encourage others!  For more than half his life, Robert had run from the judicial system, but now he is working to help individuals turn their lives around.  In 1990, Robert decided he wanted to change his life and went to treatment for the first time.  When he moved to Columbia, MO three years later, he was able to get his life on track.  He attended Columbia College and earned a degree in criminal justice.  In 2001, Robert finished his master’s degree with a Master of Science in Criminal Justice.  He also obtained his certification from the State of Missouri as a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor.  He worked as a Juvenile Officer and Robert was appointed as the Client Services Director with Reality House Programs.  He also serves on various committees and is active in his community.  Robert believes people need a chance to change and guides people to treatment.  He is an outstanding example for others!

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