Mental Health Champions Lasting Legacy Award

If you would like to nominate an individual or a mental health program for the Lasting Legacy Award, please submit a nomination letter, including specifics of how this individual or program made a significant impact in the mental health field, to the Missouri Mental Health Foundation.

Please note that the individual or program must meet the requirements below to be considered. If the nomination letter demonstrates the individual or program meets the eligibility requirements, a member of our team may reach out to you for more information.

Where to Send Nomination Letter

Email Address:


Physical Address:

Missouri Mental Health Foundation
223 E. Capitol Avenue, Lower Level
Jefferson City, MO, 65101

DEADLINE:  December 30, 2022

Criteria and Eligibility Requirements


The Lasting Legacy Award is to honor and recognize an individual or cutting-edge mental health program that serves the Missouri mental health population and has made a substantial contribution to the mental health community impacting individuals and families living with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and/or substance use disorders over a period of years. The individual or program nominated must have demonstrated integrity and respect for all individuals and families living with mental health conditions during their tenure—including non-discrimination. The recipient or program is announced following a decision made by the Executive Committee and a judging panel and presented with an award during the Missouri Mental Health Champions Banquet.


  1. The term “individual” can mean a person or persons who serves the mental health community of Missouri at the city, state or national level in a significant capacity. Some portion of the nominated individual’s active career in the mental health community must have occurred within the last thirty years before the nomination. The citizenship or residence of the potential nominee is NOT to be considered.
  2. “Public service” or “programs” indicates service or programs concerning mental health.
  3. “Over a period of years” means that the nominee’s contribution must have been impactful to the mental health community for at least 5 years. 
  4. “A substantial and lasting contribution” means that the service or program holds an important place in the well-being, care, or advancement of mental health services for Missourians. 
  5. Individuals or programs that “demonstrate integrity and respect for individuals or families living with a mental health condition…including nondiscrimination” means that the individual or program, regardless of when, where, or how it occurs, should NOT diminish, or denigrate any individual or group through stereotypes, discrimination, or other derogatory practices. The judging panel and executive committee should evaluate nominees to ensure the service of individuals and programs does not disrespect or discredit any group or community.
  6. “In or for Missouri” means the services the individual or program nominated provides must be provided to Missourians. The individual or program does NOT have to be within Missouri, but it does have to impact mental health services positively and significantly, in Missouri.
  7. “Contribution to the mental health community” indicates that the judging panel and executive committee are to direct their attention to the part of the nominee’s total work only about mental health when making their decision.

Criteria & Eligibility

  1. In addition to the criteria implicit in the purpose and definitions, other criteria or eligibility requirements include:
    1. Systemic or significant improvement in programs and services for individuals and families with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and/or substance use disorders.
    2. Contributions including the following:
      • Significant public advocacy to improve services for individuals and families with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and/or substance use disorders.
      • Mental health leader/advocate that directly influenced mental health policy, issues, populations, or settings on the city, state, or national levels.
      • Program representing a watershed change for the state and/or at a national level to improve the way services are provided to individuals and families with mental health conditions.
  2. Other awards should not be considered when nominating individuals or programs for the Lasting Legacy Award. All candidates who have made a lasting contribution are eligible.
  3. The judging panel and executive committee, in making their selection of nominees, should be aware of the individual’s entire career in mental health, or of the portions of the total career which are of a substantial and lasting nature.