2012 Lasting Legacy Award Recipients

Jane Bierdeman-Fike

Jane Bierdeman-Fike obtained her Masters Degree in Social Work and immediately put it to good use working for the Social Planning Council of St. Louis City and County. She then went to work for the Department of Mental Health in 1955, beginning a career that spanned 45 years. During this time she held various roles in social work, including the Director of Social Work at Fulton State Hospital, until her retirement in 2000.

Jane was active in social work education as a lecturer, field instructor, instructor, and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the disciplines of social work, social research, health, human behavior, social environment/welfare, administration and supervision for St. Louis University School of Social Work, Washington University, University of Missouri School of Social Work and William Woods University.

She received numerous awards and commendations for her devotion and commitment as an advocate for those with chronic mental illness. Jane Bierdeman-Fike passed away March 13, 2012; however, her many contributions and dedicated service to the mental health field makes her a Lasting Legacy.

William Kyles

Bill Kyles served as the President and CEO of Comprehensive Mental Health Services in Independence, MO, for nearly 30 years until his death in 2011. In 2009, he was elected as Board Chairman of the National Council of Behavioral Healthcare and for six years prior to that, was Staff Director over Region VII covering Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Bill was also a founding member of CommCare, a regional managed behavioral healthcare company comprised of 11 mental health organizations.

Bill served on multiple boards and received numerous awards and recognition for his dedication and commitment to providing services to individuals challenged with mental health conditions. Bill Kyles’ many contributions and dedicated service to the mental health field makes him a Lasting Legacy.