A Word from Our New Executive Director: My Elevator Speech

November 30, 2020

Since starting my new role as ED for the MMHF in July 2020, I am finding ways to improve and enhance my elevator speech for the work done by this fine organization. I can tell you about our mission to raise awareness and public understanding of issues impacting individuals and families living with Mental Illness, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Use Disorder. I can tell you about the history of how we were established in 2008 to use education and advocacy efforts to dissolve stigmas and open doors to treatment and equal opportunity in schools, communities, and the workforce. I can tell you about the vision to encourage Missourians appreciate the importance of mental health and assist in restoring hope to persons living with challenging issues.

But my real elevator speech is about the impact MMHF has on the heart and soul of human beings. I can tell you about the smiles that consumers share when they attend the Real Voices Real Choices conference that MMHF helps promote and sponsor with the Missouri Department of Mental Health. I can tell you about the Awards Ceremony for Mental Health Champions sponsored by the Foundation and the importance of recognizing individuals who go beyond the normal rule to get things done. I can share with you the positive energy and attitude around the Director’s Creative Showcase that the Foundation sponsors to bring the talent of those often not tapped using art and photography. I can talk about the referral and resource work staff do to help individuals find the assistance they need from resources in their local communities to state and national programs I can share the happy stories of the positive warm social media messages that the foundation shares on a regular basis to bring hope into the world. I could talk to you about the incubation work the Foundation does in landing an idea for groups and individuals and allowing it to grow, prosper, often developing into an area of societal impact. But the most important part of my elevator speech is that the Foundation takes on each part of its work with heart and soul. We do more than just sponsor and plan events; we bring folks together with a goal to always care, and we work hard every day to promote strong mental health, always with heart.

— Connie Cunningham