2012 Program Award

PARTNERSHIP FOR HOPE PROGRAM —  For many Missouri families with a child with a developmental disability, the world changed on October 1, 2010.  That was the day Governor Jay Nixon announced Partnership for Hope, a new program that has helped end years of waiting for some of those families in need of the opportunity to make life better for their child.

Partnership for Hope represents a watershed change for the state in the way it provides services to individuals and families impacted by developmental disabilities.  The state’s limited resources are unable to keep up with the need for services.  The result was a crisis-based system of care where those persons most in need–usually in an emergency situation–received funding.  Partnership for Hope reaches individuals earlier, with less costly services, providing them support to lead a stable life instead of reaching a crisis level of need.

Through this unique partnership, funds from local County Developmental Disability Boards, also known as SB 40 Boards, are matched with state funds to draw down federal funds that go back to the county for services to county residents.  The county boards select the recipients of the funds, which are capped at $12,000 per year per individual.  The services include in-home personal assistance, employment and career preparation, transportation, behavioral therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, dental care and other in-home services.

The Partnership for Hope is the outgrowth of a grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health to the Missouri Association of County Developmental Disability Services (MACDDS), an association of County Developmental Disability Boards, to research better ways to use all available resources to serve persons with developmental disabilities.  MACDDS presented their recommendations to the Department of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities, which collaborated with Missouris Mo-HealthNet Division of the Department of Social Services for application to the Centers for Medicaid-Medicare Services (CMS) for the prevention waiver.

The interest continues to grow as does the list of counties wanting to participate.  The future for Missouri families affected by developmental disabilities is much brighter than it was a short time ago, but Partnersip for Hope is just the beginning of the journey, not the end.  Persons with developmental disabilities have the right to the opportunities and dignity that all citizens deserve.