• Mental health is important to our overall health
  • Up to 1 in 5 children experience a mental health disorder in any given year
  • Early identification, diagnosis, and treatment can help children reach their full potential
  • Childhood mental health problems CAN be treated and managed
  • $247 billion is spent each year on children’s mental health problems
  • Young adults thrive when offered practical resources to help them reach their goals, develop respectful relationships with adults, and create opportunities for self-determination and meaningful employment.  Young adults with behavioral health problems can be resilient with the help of family, friends and providers.


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Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, observed from May 7 – May 13, 2017, is geared toward raising awareness to the issues and causes essential to the children’s mental health field in each of our communities across the country.  Children are an important part of a family unit and create an understanding amongst policy leaders and practitioners that healthy families are better equipped to support resilient childrenJoin us by bringing statewide awareness to children’s mental health by highlighting real youth hopes and dreams through a visionary lens! 

The Missouri Mental Health Foundation and collaborating organizations are proud to announce an exciting opportunity for Missouri youth to capture and voice their hopes and dreams through photography

  • Enter a photo of what having “hopes and dreams” means to you, the youth of Missouri, along with a short description about what it means to you.  
  • This opportunity is open to Missouri residents between the ages of 13 and 25
  • A traveling photo gallery and on-line viewing will be made available for viewing and sharing by our youth and our communities!
  • Entry Deadline:     Wednesday, May 17, 2017

CLICK HERE to review the Guidelines PRIOR to sending your photo entry! 

NOTE:  The deadline has been extended to Wednesday, May 17, 2017!

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NOTE:  The deadline has been extended to Wednesday, May 17, 2017!

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NOTE:  The deadline has been extended to Wednesday, May 17, 2017!


  • Missouri Department of Mental Health
  • Missouri Mental Health Foundation
  • Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare
  • St. Louis Regional System of Care
  • Compass Health Network – Pathways Community Health
  • Missouri Families 4 Families
  • Missouri Recovery Network
  • NAMI Missouri
  • Central Missouri Foster Association