Director’s Creativity Showcase 2020



The annual Directors Creativity Showcase is sponsored by the Missouri Mental Health Foundation, in partnership with the Missouri Department of Mental Health.  This annual event displays the artistic talents of people served by the Missouri Department of Mental Health and serves as an inspiration to all who participate and all who experience these creations!



 CONGRATULATIONS to the 2020 Director’s Creativity Showcase award winners!  To view the announcement, click HERE.

The schedule for the 2020 Traveling Showcase is currently being developed.  The schedule should be available by May.  Thank you!


RULES & GUIDELINES  to download and print  (click here)


Who can enter the competition?

This competition is open to any individual receiving services through the Missouri Department of Mental Health provider network.

When are artwork entries accepted?

  • Entries are accepted November 1st through the end of January. (Specific deadlines will be announced each year)
  • Entry forms must be completed and affixed to artwork as specified in the Guidelines, as well as a SIGNED release form submitted for every artist.
  • Failure to submit a release form and/or completed entry form could exclude the artwork from being judged.

Cash Awards:

Mental Illness, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Use Disorders’ categories:  1st – 5th place will be awarded:

1st place   =   $200

2nd place   =   $150

3rd place   =   $100

4th place   =   $75

5th place   =   $25

Photography category, 1st – 3rd place will be awarded:

1st place   =   $150

2nd place   =   $100

3rd place   =   $75

Professional category – Best of Show will be awarded   =   $250








  1. ENTRY FORM (Refer to Attachment B)
  • Each entry must be identified with the entry form label
  • Please fill out all the areas on the entry form label, including the CATEGORY.
  •   Labels should be typed or printed neatly. The artist may title their work if they choose to do so. A place on the entry form label is provided.
  • The facility contact and address information is crucial. This information is used for the return of the artwork and when questions arise.
  • The entry form label MUST be attached to each piece of artwork.


  1. RELEASE FORM (Refer to Attachment A)
  • A release form, signed by the artist/guardian, as well as a witness, MUST accompany all art, photos, and craft items submitted.
  • Artists should be aware that their work may be placed on public display and that confidentiality is not possible if their name is visible when displaying their artwork.
  • A signed release form allows the Missouri Mental Health Foundation, and the Missouri Department of Mental Health, to use images of the art in its promotional materials.
  • Please do not attach the release forms to the artwork itself.

 To save on the cost of mailing artwork, you may deliver entries to a participating Department of Mental Health facility or provider agency. (IF YOU DELIVER ARTWORK TO A FACILITY – PLEASE NOTE THE DIFFERENT DEADLINE BELOW)

Arrangements will be made with the facilities to transport the artwork to Jefferson City.

  • A listing of participating facilities and contact names can be found below on Attachment C.
  • Entries may also be delivered or mailed to one of the following locations:


Department of Mental Health              OR           Missouri Mental Health Foundation

Office of Public and Legislative Affairs                  Attn:  Rachelle Masters

Attn:  Debra Walker                                                    221 Metro Drive., Suite C

1706 E. Elm Street                                                    Jefferson City, MO  65109

Jefferson City, MO 65101



  • Entries must be received by the Missouri Mental Health Foundation or the Department of Mental Health-Central Office in Jefferson City by Friday, January 24, 2020.
  •  IF you are delivering artwork to one of the designated Department of Mental Health facilities or provider agencies, you will need to deliver the artwork to the location at least one week prior to the deadline (by January 17, 2020) so arrangements can be made for its transport to Jefferson City by the deadline.

CLICK HERE to download & print Attachment C



To download a copy of this timeline:  CLICK HERE

This event is sponsored by the Missouri Mental Health Foundation and the Missouri Department of Mental Health.

For questions, please contact the Missouri Mental Health Foundation at (573) 635-9201 or mmhf@missourimhf.org