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Mental Health Champion Award Recipients

The Mental Health Champion Award recognizes an individual with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and addiction disorders, who make a positive contribution to their community, exemplify commitment and vision, and whose actions have increased the potential for independence in others with similar mental health conditions.

Lasting Legacy Award Recipients

The Missouri Mental Health Foundation, in partnership with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals whose life work brought about positive changes to the mental health field and its consumers.

Lasting Legacy Program Award Recipients

The Lasting Legacy Program Award recognizes a mental health program that permanently changes the way Missourians are offered or receive services.  The program represents cutting-edge innovation and collaboration to continue to give help and hope to thousands of Missourians and their families.


Mental Health Champion's Banquet

The banquet is an annual event to recognize and celebrate the successes of the Mental Health Champion and Lasting Legacy Award recipients.  It is also an opportunity to come together to share a common goal – a goal to continue the journey of raising awareness and public understanding of issues impacting individuals and families living with mental illness, developmental disabilities and addiction disorders.

Real Voices-Real Choices Conference

The Real Voices – Real Choices Conference is an exciting opportunity for individuals and families living with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and in recovery for substance use disorders.  It is a gathering of consumers, family members, friends, self-advocates and persons in recovery who come together to learn about programs, service issues, opportunities and self advocacy.  It’s about fostering growth and empowerment, as well as finding the tools to be successful in the community.  Annually, hundreds of individuals gather for this very empowering conference.   


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2019 Real Voices – Real Choices Conference

2018 Real Voices-Real Choices Conference

2017 Real Voices-Real Choices Conference

Public Service Announcements

“You Know Me” – Real Missourians Sharing Their Stories

Other Events and Activities

The Children’s Grove

Hands Across Missouri for Mental Health Day

  • Hands Across Missouri for Mental Health Day is a consumer-run event, sponsored by the Missouri Mental Health Foundation, the Comprehensive Psychiatric Services State Advisory Council (SAC) and local partner organizations.  Funds sponsor a public mental health awareness event, such as a picnic, run, walk, etc. to raise awareness of mental health conditions.

Triumph Through Tragedy – Celebrating Mental Health Heroes and Remembering Those We Lost

Next to Normal

Take A Swing For Charity Event

On Saturday, July 30, 2016, the Missouri Mental Health Foundation and Independent Living Resource Center hosted the first “Take A Swing For Charity” event at the Turkey Creek Golf Center in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Charity Cause: To foster inclusion in the community by teaching individuals living with disabilities the game of golf. Donations will be used toward the purchase of equipment, and related expenses, to conduct golf clinics at the Ken Lanning Golf Center in Jefferson City for children and adults living with developmental disabilities, mental illness and in recovery for substance use disorders. Through the game of golf, individuals with disabilities become actively engaged in the social fabric of a community and derive health benefits that improve quality of life. Integrating the necessary accommodations and modifications will aid in reducing issues around accessibility and negative social attitudes.